“When sixteen I became a publican. My father died suddenly, my sisters left me everything: an osteria! I married a very young girl who had had the itch of falling in love with me and who, for me, abandoned her medicine studies for the osteria. That was really hell for her mother! When young, we took the liberty of dreaming, and dream we did: I, La Subida, a little smaller than what destiny let us bring about, Loredana a well-knit family just like in a dream.”

Refreshement spots

It is on these hills that the Mediterranean, olive oil, salt pork - without fumigating the Latin civilization -, a lifestyle end.

Beyond, the Slovenian mountains, the Danube plain, the splendour of the Hapsburg empire.
Butter, smoked produce. Such are the diversities we would like to unite, – wed -, in our cuisine.
A philosophy, two offers.

A simple, family-run osteria, which used to provide frogs and shrimps, which enabled us to live better, and to be noticed.
Josko and Loredana are making it evolve:
The trattoria “al Cacciatore“
with a (great) quality cuisine, rewarded with one star by Michelin.
That Tanja and Mitja propose to you.
When wanting to stay on your own, or with other people, to get to know our land, our produce.
And should you get hungry, there is much more than you can imagine to put in your stomach.
La Subida’s Osteria for every day.

the place to get together

It’s fun for your small parties.
Innovative for business meetings. Ideal if you wish to stay alone
or in company, undisturbed among the others.

Outside, only nature. And culture. That’s where you’re going to enjoy your deserved rest,
while sipping great wines.
Authentic Collio/Brda expressions.
And… should you be hunger-struck, our kitchen will welcome you.
With a lot, much more than a bite to grab!

Rest day: Thursdays

+39 0481 61689
Our Bill of Fare

trattoria al cacciatore
to offer you yesterday’s flavours

Our home for a king’s night,
the “fogolar”, it’s us who’s putting you up,
Alessandro in the kitchen to keep tradition updated,
Mitja and Michele won’t let you miss anything from the cellar,
the perfume of smoking wood:
a machine to make mush – what Italians call polenta – every day.

Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m
Saturdays and Sundays,
unch is from midday to 2,30 p.m.
Dinner is served from 7 to10 p.m.

We rest on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

+ 39 0481 60531 or
+ 39 0481 62388

our menù the wine list

Our houses

A dwelling
as when one is at home

A rustic village where one can stay in peace,
a wood where you can wake up and realize you are not dreaming.

our mansion



A sumptuous spa, or a little witch who, in the morning, proposes going with her to teach the sun the path it has to follow during the day?
At La Subida a wood!, devised for your relaxation.
A wood, the invigorating rustle of our ferns. A great deal of books, the water, a nest whence to gaze at the stars in warmth, a shell for finding intimacy once again.
Our yellow Vespas, the Slow Collio tracks and cycling paths, our Defender to discover our land, our folks carefree.


Quality hospitality cannot but include its guests’ relaxation. What shall La Subida do about that? That was a question, which has become a torment! A spa with all its services? We cannot afford it and I do not even know whether it is worthwhile. The idea of having a little witch accompanying every morning our guests to see how she teaches the sun the course it’s got to follow during the day, pleased many, but there were no bookings.
Therefore I made up my mind: I propose you try and enjoy staying in a wood. A protected wood corner, where access is limited only to whomever feels like staying there in peace, a spot to stay warm, some books, some water. A place also for sleeping. I’d like you to try it, like you to tell me what you feel about it; with you I’d like to improve it.


Descending from a mountain without having got tired out to ascend it, in trim to enjoy unique panoramas. Do you remember when you sat on that little wall? To enjoy the sunset from there. And down, from the stars to the cow shed. Sleeping in the barn.
Do you remember when you sat on that little wall? To enjoy the sunset from there. And down, from the stars to the cow shed. Sleeping in the barn. The odour? Strong; it’s the manure heap, a steep staircase, strong horse sweat, a horse. Smell of hay, breathing in hay, something surreal, a noble chandelier. A shot? No, the strike from a crazy horse, as crazy as any horse can be. It wanted to be noticed.
A whiff of fresh air, feeling like huddling. Crickets, the call - or croak - of a frog; serenity entering you. A light perfume, then the invigorating taste of love. The racket of whoever is used to waking up with the sun, its beams.
Plays of light to seal a dream, telling you it’s time to leave. But better.

a bed in nothingness

After a good dinner, - when you are overcome by the desire to relax, to dream - would you like to withdraw into a nest? Not simply enter it, but get there?
...the idea of wending the stretch of a path in a wood, perhaps in the dark, ...reading it! The wood, the darkness, the path! The darkness extolling the silence, the perfumes that will make you get lost, make it easier for you to hear the wood, increase the surprise of seeing the light again, the nest ...the path, along which to feel the ferns caressing you and the provoking scratch of heather. The path which will make itself felt under your feet, make you wonder where you are going, whom, what, you may come across ...the surprise of getting there!
What do you expect in a nest? In ancestral simplicity, feeling protected, the warmth, the intimacy. Being able to enjoy those flocks of wool and the down that the looked-after nest always has, and, more, being able to immerse oneself in them. That is the proposal La Subida offers you. Missing it would really be a shame! Directions for your return? None...


For your small meetings,
for a concert.
Perhaps even in the open,
under the linden on the loft,
beneath the willow, in the swimming pool.


- Outer swimming pool
- Golf Course 2 kilometres from Castello di Spessa Golf
- Picnic area and a carpark for campers and caravans
- A romantic dinner near the fireplace
- A night spent in a nest
- A night in the barn room
- Alessandro’s cookery classes
- Dinner in total darkness
- A history lesson on the wine from our hills
- Discovering vinegar
- Collio/Brda riding vespas
- Relaxing by having a walk or cycling, the Track of the High-Lying Vineyards
- Slow Collio
- Alpe Adria Trail
- On horseback
- Tasting wines amidst our vineyards, Cormons’s Enoteca - Motoring the Collio Brda in Defender
- A run among our vineyards, Collio Brda
- The City of Gradisca Gathering in Defender


Una volta all’anno, nei giorni della Madonna d’Agosto, con il gran caldo e la paglia fresca di trebbia, avviene il rito dell’infossatura che si concluderà a novembre per San Martino. Intenso, saporito, suadente, eleva il grangusto dei vini delle nostre terre. Il meglio della tradizione casearia delle Prealpi Giulie. Formelle di formaggio a pasta semidura, prodotte da sapienti mani con latte crudo. Affinate da Renato Brancaleoni nella fossa della canonica di Roncofreddo.


La Subida’s Blog

Keep updated

Being linked to the social media we believe is very important nowadays. That’s why – for a long time now - we have been wanting to tell you everything that happens at our home, even by means of a blog managed by ourselves. We are thus certain that, by doing so, we can always keep you updated about what we are up to...

Enjoying Sirk’s vinegar

Keeping updated

If it’s true –and it is-, that a great wine is made with great grapes, from such great grapes I make my great vinegar. Since I need a few years, in the meanwhile it has to be looked after and pampered as if it were a swaddled child. Josko Sirk



La Subida

La Subida is a tiny, green-tourist resort. In the hills, amongst Gorizia Collio’s foremost vineyards, it draws his raison-d’être from them and from their wine.. You’ll be our welcome guests in a dozen, fully-autonomous flats, equipped with whatever is required to live in them comfortably; they were created from a group of rustic peasants’ dwellings at the edge of a luxuriant wood, made purposely for walking. A gorgeous garden with a swimming pool, a tennis court, a playground, a manège with a fantastic group of horses even for just having walks- they are going to fill your free time. A welcoming trattoria with a great wine cellar to be found in certain parts of Friuli, will allow you unforgettable gastronomy experiences..

Via Subida, 52 - 34071 Cormons -GO-


for information about relaxation and our houses
+39 0481 60531

Trattoria Al Cacciatore

Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays from 7 p.m.
+ 39 0481 60531 or + 39 0481 62388

Osteria de La Subida

Closed on Thursdays.
+ 39 0481 61689